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The Enigma of Coral Castle

  title={The Enigma of Coral Castle},
  author={William D. Stansfield},
THERE IS A CASTLE NEAR ML\MI, FLORIDA, made entirely of huge blocks of limestone. It is claimed that a single man built it alone, using only simple hand tools,' The man's name was Fdward I^edskalnin (1887-1951). Bom in Latvia, he received only a tliird or fourtli grade education, 'When Fd was 28-years old, he became engaged to many a l6-year old girl named Agnes Scuffs tSkuvst). whom he called his "Sweet Sixteen." The day before their schedtiled wedding, howev­ er, Agnes told Fd that he was too… 
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The Enigma of Coral Castle is a 4&page pamphlet
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Coral Castle, Homestead, Rorida. I found most of Stoner's thesis involves geometry, mathematics, and pseudoscientlf ic/paranormal conjectures