The English Reformation: A Premature Birth, A Difficult Labour and a Sickly Child

  title={The English Reformation: A Premature Birth, A Difficult Labour and a Sickly Child},
  author={Christopher Haigh},
  journal={The Historical Journal},
  pages={449 - 459}
  • C. Haigh
  • Published 1 June 1990
  • History
  • The Historical Journal
We need more research on Reformation subjects. For a demoralizing while it has seemed that all the interesting early modern work was on Stuart topics, and that the sex life of Anne Boleyn was the only live issue in sixteenth century studies. But 1988—9 yielded a clutch of new Reformation-related volumes, and a revised edition of A. G. Dickens's The English Reformation. Professor Hudson's monumental study of Lollardy is a demanding book of massive erudition and textual skill. She makes few… 
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“When the King Goeth a Procession”: Chapel Ceremonies and Services, the Ritual Year, and Religious Reforms at the Early Tudor Court, 1485–1547

  • Fiona Kisby
  • History, Economics
    Journal of British Studies
  • 2001
There is general agreement now that the court of Henry VIII and his father was the center of politics, patronage, and power in England. It is also well understood how access to the king—the sole font

The origins of the dissolution of the monasteries

  • R. Hoyle
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    The Historical Journal
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ABSTRACT The dissolution of the monasteries is one of the most familiar incidents in Tudor history. The genesis of the dissolution is however ill-documented. Here it is traced back to the

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