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The Energy Eigenvalue for the Singular Wave Function of the Three Dimensional Dirac Delta Schrodinger Potential via Distributionally Generalized Quantum Mechanics

  title={The Energy Eigenvalue for the Singular Wave Function of the Three Dimensional Dirac Delta Schrodinger Potential via Distributionally Generalized Quantum Mechanics},
  author={Michael Maroun},
Unlike the situation for the 1d Dirac delta derivative Schrodinger pseudo potential (SPP) and the 2d Dirac delta SPP, where the indeterminacy originates from a lack of scale in the first and both a lack of scale as well as the wave function not being well defined at the support of the generalized function SPP; the obstruction in 3d Euclidean space for the Schrodinger equation with the Dirac delta as a SPP only comes from the wave function (the L2 bound sate solution) being singular at the… 



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