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The Enchanted Loom

  title={The Enchanted Loom},
  author={R. Jastrow},
The evolution of intelligence began with the movement of Crossopterygian fish onto land. The eventual appearance of large dinosaurs eliminated all but the smallest of mammalian creatures, with the survivors forced to move only nocturnally, when enhanced olfactory and aural faculties were favored and involved a larger grey matter/body mass ratio than possessed by the dinosaurs. Additionally, the mammals made comparisons between the inputs of various senses, implying the presence of significant… Expand
The evolution of the human mind and logic--mathematics structures.
  • R. Yunes
  • Biology, Mathematics
  • Journal of theoretical biology
  • 2005
The human mind was structured for the acquisition from reality of the logic-mathematics structures that underlie the whole universe and consequently of an internal representation of the external world and of its own self. Expand
How to Define Life: A Hierarchical Approach
Gilgamesh failed to achieve immortality, but his preoccupation with life and death was contagious and a new class of people, the scientists who were infected with the Gilgamesh virus, began to ponder on the puzzle of life. Expand
Defining Religion: Death and Anxiety in an Afro-Brazilian Cult
This dissertation clarifies the anthropological concept of religion by crafting the most useful scientific definition. The first chapter illustrates the confusion surrounding this term, and arguesExpand
Continuity and Change in Storytelling about Artificial Intelligence: Extending the Narrative Paradigm
Drawing upon the concept of homo narran, this essay suggests an extension of Fisher's narrative paradigm, that of glimpsing the processes of continuity and change underlying storytelling, via theExpand
Getting Smarter At Solving Problems: Teacher’s Manual
This document is intended to be used for non-commercial educational purposes by schools, school districts, colleges, universities, and other non-profit preservice and inservice teacher education organizations and groups. Expand