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The Empire of Business

  title={The Empire of Business},
  author={Andrew Carnegie}
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Perspectives on knowledge retention and loss from expert attrition : an organisational case study

The dissertation’s major theoretical contribution involves constructing an experts’ perspective conceptualisation that is guided by Nonaka and Takeuchi’s (1995) SECI Model. A framework is developed

Intention in Hybrid Organizations: The Diffusion of the Business Metaphor in Swedish Laws

Recent studies of conceptual metaphors in a legal context have often dealt with the power of embodiment. However, the connotations of culturally originated metaphors could be different when they

US Self-help Literature and the Call of the East: The Acculturation of Eastern Ideas and Practices with Special Attention to the Period from the 1980s Onwards

Aquesta tesi doctoral, denominada Literatura d'Autoajuda dels EEUU i la Crida de l' Orient Llunya: la Acculturacio d' Idees i Practiques Orientals amb Atencio Especial al Periode que va de 1980 en

Análise de vigas de secção fechada em losango de parede fina sob flexão

Dissertacao para obtencao do Grau de Mestre em Engenharia Civil%%%%Na presente dissertacao analisa-se a instabilidade bifurcacional e a resistencia de barras com seccao fechada em losango de parede

Corporate Responsibility: The American Experience

About the authors Foreword Preface Introduction: the corporation in the public square Part I. The Seeds of Corporate Responsibility: 1. Foundations of capitalism and the birth of the corporation

How to Kill a Corporation: Frank Norris’s The Octopus and the Embodiment of American Business

In a pivotal scene from John Steinbeck’s 1939 Depression-era classic, The Grapes of Wrath, a farmer dispossessed of his land threatens to shoot a corporate agent astride a monstrous tractor who is