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The Emperor's Virtual Clothes: The Naked Truth about Internet Culture

  title={The Emperor's Virtual Clothes: The Naked Truth about Internet Culture},
  author={John S. Lawrence},
  journal={The Journal of American Culture},
The Emperor's Virtual Clothes: The Naked Truth about Internet Culture. Dinty W. Moore. Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin, 1995. $17.95 hardback. Many of our grandparents now have e-mail accounts at America Online. Windows 95 has been hyped beyond any other commercial product in memory except Michael Jackson's History. Digital Emperor Gates was recently declared "the world's richest man" by Forbes magazine. Computers are now pulsing with colors and sounds that have made them seductive companions for… 
Can we write a cultural history of the Internet? If so, how?
ABSTRACT What would a cultural history of the Internet look like? The question almost makes no sense: the Internet spans the globe and traverses any number of completely distinct human groups. It
Typing, doing, and being: Sexuality and the internet
  • M. Ross
  • Psychology
    Journal of sex research
  • 2005
Social theory and sexuality in relation to the internet is reviewed, with specific reference to the development of intimacy, the association of texts with sexual scripts, the emergence of cybersexuality as a sexual space midway between fantasy and action, and the question of boundaries and the location of the person in sexual interaction.
Internet usage and 'internet addiction' in students and its implications for learning
One of the objectives of this research project is to determine the object of the addiction and the implications it may have for impeding student learning and to establish empirically the prevalence of ‘Internet addiction’ amongst the student population.
Technology and Feminism: A Strange Couple
The "gender digital divide" constitutes a prolific research program that compares the differences between women and men in access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Nevertheless,
The (re)making of sexualities on the web
This article analyses the controversy on the topics of prostitution and human trafficking online by way of researching the structure and discourses of non-commercial websites. Previous research
Evaluation of Internet Addiction, Impulsivity and Psychological Distress among University Students
The Internet is a widely recognized channel for information exchange, academic research, entertainment, communication and commerce [3,16,45,64]. Although the positive aspects of the Internet have
More Change in the Organization of Thieving
A small scale exploratory study of two Internet newsgroups found the susceptibility of high-technology devices, such as smart-cards, to ingenious or systematic hacking attempts.
Exploring user experiences as predictors of MMORPG addiction
Work Life and Family Life Collide: Online Support for New Fathers
Online discussions about parental leave in relation to the work lives and private lives of new fathers are analyzed to indicate that new fathers seek Internet forums to discuss work-related topics.
Second Thoughts: Toward a Critique of the Digital Divide
Critical perspective is introduced into the discussion of the digital divide, which is commonly defined as the gap separating those individuals who have access to new forms of information technology from those who do not.