The Emperor's New Clothes: American Views of Hirohito after World War II

  title={The Emperor's New Clothes: American Views of Hirohito after World War II},
  author={Henry William Brands},
  journal={The Historian},
  pages={1 - 28}
  • H. Brands
  • Published 1 March 2006
  • History
  • The Historian
On September 18, 1945, Georgia Senator Richard Russell delivered an address on U.S. policy toward Emperor Hirohito under the newly begun occupation of Japan. Russell called the emperor the “head and heart” of Japanese expansionism, blasted the Truman White House for its reluctance to imprison or execute Hirohito, and advocated immediate war crimes proceedings against the emperor. Russell’s was no lone voice; in response to his speech, the Senate introduced, by unanimous consent, a resolution… 

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