The Emotional Side of Prejudice: The Attribution of Secondary Emotions to Ingroups and Outgroups

  title={The Emotional Side of Prejudice: The Attribution of Secondary Emotions to Ingroups and Outgroups},
  author={Jacques-Philippe Leyens and P. Paladino and R. Rodriguez-Torres and Jeroen Vaes and S. Demoulin and A. Rodr{\'i}guez-P{\'e}rez and R. Gaunt},
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  • Jacques-Philippe Leyens, P. Paladino, +4 authors R. Gaunt
  • Published 2000
  • Psychology
  • Personality and Social Psychology Review
  • If people favor their ingroup, are especially concerned with their own group, and attribute different essences to different groups, it follows that their essence must be superior to the essence of other groups. Intelligence, language, and certain emotions are all considered to be distinctive elements of human nature or essence. The role of inteligence and language in discrimination, prejudice, and racism has already been largely investigated, and this article focuses on attributed emotions… CONTINUE READING
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