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The Emerging Global Regime for Investment

  title={The Emerging Global Regime for Investment},
  author={Jeswald W. Salacuse},
  journal={Harvard International Law Journal},
  • J. Salacuse
  • Published 2010
  • Political Science
  • Harvard International Law Journal
Although the 3000 international investment treaties concluded since the end of World War II are separate and distinct international legal instruments, they constitute, as a group, an emerging global regime for investment. Drawing on regime theory from the field of international relations, this Article examines the elements of the international investment regime, the reasons for its development, the goals that it pursues, and the challenges that it faces. While having all the characteristics of… 

Introduction: The Global Economy, FDI, and the Regime for Investment

The world economy has maintained or enhanced its integration in the past decade even in the face of the global financial crisis. A large part of this globalization has been driven by capital flows.

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The international investment regime has come under increasing scrutiny, with several developing countries withdrawing from bilateral investment treaties in recent years. A central worry raised by

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Abstract This article makes the claim that the present efforts to reform the international investment regime (IIR) will not save this field from the existing criticisms. Given the plural values at

The Global Governance of FDI and the Non-market Strategies of TNCs: Explaining the “Backlash” Against Bilateral Investment Treaties

This article seeks to explain recent decisions by countries to terminate their existing bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and revisit their commitment to future international investment agreements

The global governance of FDI and the non-market strategies of TNCs: explaining the “backlash” against bilateral investment treaties*

This article seeks to explain recent decisions by countries to terminate their existing bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and revisit their commitment to future international investment agreements

The International Investment Regime and Foreign Investor Rights: Another View of A Popular Story

The international investment regime (IIR) continues to be subject of an intense debate. After a first wave of criticism, investment arbitration and awards have shown some changes in areas such as

Sacrificing sovereignty by chance: investment treaties, developing countries, and bounded rationality

One of the striking features of modern globalization is the rising prominence of international law as governing institution for state-market relations. Nowhere has this been as pronounced as in the

Competition for Natural Resources and International Investment Law: Analysis from the Perspective of Africa

Africa is abundantly endowed with natural resources, such as minerals, oil and gas. To exploit those resources and bring them to the market, it has been necessary to involve foreign multinational

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The international system for the governance of foreign investments is highly fragmented consisting mainly of bilateral agreements. With the adoption of nine guiding principles for global investment

The non-ratification of bilateral investment treaties in Brazil: a story of conflict in a land of cooperation†

ABSTRACT This article examines Brazil's unique experience with bilateral investment treaties (BITs) – the country signed 14 of them in the 1990s, but none was ever ratified. The case is puzzling for



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