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The Emergence of a Palestinian National Identity : A Theory-Driven Approach

  title={The Emergence of a Palestinian National Identity : A Theory-Driven Approach},
  author={Zachary J. Foster},
Nationalism is one of the most powerful transnation al force of the past two centuries. Although most scholars consider the phenomenon a pe culiarly modern one (Anderson 1994[1983]; Gellner 1994[1964]; Kedourie 1994[1960] ; Smith 1991b: 43-44), theories abound as to exactly when, how and why nations emerged. I ssues of nationalism in the Arab world, however, and in particular the Palestinian case, re main the subject of determined neglect (Lockman 1999; Seikaly 1991). Moreover, the little… 

The struggle to reclaim Human Rights Education in Palestinian Authority schools in the Occupied West Bank

This thesis provides a critical view of Human Rights Education (HRE) within a context of colonial occupation, authoritarian national ruling structure and oppressive social practices. It explores the

Transformation of siege into feelings in the Palestinian cinema

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Arab Cultural Nationalism in Palestine during the British Mandate

The Arab world of the nineteenth century witnessed a marked cultulal and national revival. With Beirut and Cairo as its centres, there arose a new climate of Arabic literature, journalism, cultural

George Antonius: The Formative Years

George Antonius was born in Dayr al-Qamar (Lebanon) on 19 October 1891 at a time when, after four centuries of Ottoman rule, the Arab nationalist movement was in an embryonic stage. The early

The Palestinian Political Elite during the Mandate Period

The purpose of the present article is to investigate the social, economic and educational background of the Arab political elite in Palestine during the period of the British mandate. Through

Palestinian Historiography: 1900-1948

(1981). Palestinian Historiography: 1900-1948. Journal of Palestine Studies: Vol. 10, No. 3, pp. 59-76.

The Arab awakening : the story of the Arab national movement

The Arab AwakeningThe New Arab WarsThe Fires of SpringThe New Middle EastAfter the Arab SpringFall of the Arab SpringDispatches from the Arab SpringThe Arab Awakening: The Story Of The Arab National

The orange and the 'Cross in the Crescent': imagining Palestine in 1929

. This article analyses a public discussion held in Palestine during the last months of 1929 over proposals for a particular Palestinian flag. Based on readers' reactions published in the daily

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