The Emergence of Modern Turkey

  title={The Emergence of Modern Turkey},
  author={William Charles Brice and Bernard Lewis},
  journal={The Geographical Journal},
The Emergence of the Western Capitalism and its Delayed Turkish-Emulation
This article deals with the advent of capitalism in the western world. Major historical events in three leading countries; Englano, French and the United States, can be seen as marking points in thisExpand
Issue and Agenda Turkish Capitalist Modernity and the Gezi Revolt
In this paper an attempt is made to reassess how and why the laic/Islamic dual opposition has come to be a decisive factor in the politics of Turkish capitalist modernity. The question as to whetherExpand
A Historical Sociology of Ottoman and Turkish Nationalism
This article traces the different forms of nationalism apparent in the Ottoman and Turkish polities. Using Michael Mann’s five-part typology which he develops in The Sources of Social Power Vols. I &Expand
The press and the consolidation of democracy in Turkey
From the second half of the nineteenth century onwards the press played a critical role in Turkish politics. In fact, in Turkey the press came to play too prominent a role in politics and thisExpand
Turkey's Conundrum: Are the Country's Versions of Secularism and Political Islam Compatible? (WP)
Two concepts of secularism are on trial in Turkey, where the Constitutional Court is studying a case to ban the ruling Justice and Development party (AKP). Whatever the outcome of the case, it willExpand
States in Search of Legitimacy
NINETEENTH CENTURY Balkan nationalism is of interest for at least two reasons other than the inherent fascination of any specific historical events. One is that it was, along with the nationalism inExpand
Gateway to Western Modernity: The Case of Turkish Women
Abstract The Turkish Republic is accepted as one of the most advanced Muslim countries in regards to the emancipation of women, according to widely produced literature about the region. Turkey’sExpand
Islamic reform and the mystic tradition in eastern Turkey
There is now increasing interest in the study of ideology in anthropology. We are disenchanted with community studies. They are obviously useful; but they provide a flat, two-dimensional picture;Expand
The Making of a National Hero: A Comparative Examination of Köroğlu the Bandit
The legend of Koroglu the bandit affords a good example of how print culture played a role in the formation of a modern national identity in both Turkey and Azerbaijan. Originating in Anatolia andExpand
Feminism in Turkey: A Short History
In May 1987, about 3000 women marched through the streets of Istanbul to protest against the battering of women in the home. This was not the first time that women in Turkey had taken to the streets,Expand