The Emergence of Biography Blockades: Political Imprisoned Women in the GDR and Their Family Background

  title={The Emergence of Biography Blockades: Political Imprisoned Women in the GDR and Their Family Background},
  author={Frank Beier},
  journal={Gesellschaft – Individuum – Sozialisation. Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Sozialisationsforschung},
  • F. Beier
  • Published 20 May 2022
  • Sociology
  • Gesellschaft – Individuum – Sozialisation. Zeitschrift für Sozialisationsforschung
There are only a few approaches in socialization theory that give empirical insights into the processes of growing up in an autocratic system. However, political regimes like the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) have (had) only limited control over private family structures. Thus, the different family backgrounds of women who were part of the opposition movement and imprisoned because they tried to (illegally) migrate to West Germany will be illustrated in this paper. The study consists… 



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Both physical and psychological torture methods were associated with increased PTSD symptoms, especially when combined, and Psychological torture was alsoassociated with increased somatic symptoms.

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    The Structures of Virtue and Vice
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Ellen Uiters was born on October 2, 1969 in Veendam, the Netherlands and is a researcher at the Asylum, Migration and Integration Division from the Research and Documentation Centre (WODC), Ministry of Justice in The Hague.

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