The Emergence, Transformation, and Disintegration of Alternative Radio in Taiwan: From Underground Radio to Community Radio

  title={The Emergence, Transformation, and Disintegration of Alternative Radio in Taiwan: From Underground Radio to Community Radio},
  author={Shun Ke},
  journal={Journal of Communication Inquiry},
  pages={412 - 429}
  • Shun Ke
  • Published 1 October 2000
  • Business, Sociology
  • Journal of Communication Inquiry
This article draws on the various perspectives of alternative radio and provides an example of how an alternative radio section emerges from a society (in this case, Taiwan) and the impact it has. This article uses four underground community radio stations as a case study to explore the emergence of alternative radio and to examine the processes of its transformation and disintegration. The original empirical research reported in this article is mainly based on the fieldwork data collected by a… 

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