The Elusive Scientific Basis of Creation "Science"

  title={The Elusive Scientific Basis of Creation "Science"},
  author={Eugenie C Scott and Henry P. Cole},
  journal={The Quarterly Review of Biology},
  pages={21 - 30}
Is there, as claimed, scientific support for "scientific creationism"? If so, arguments that scientific creationism is a legitimate scientific discipline deserving "equal time" with evolution in public-school science classes would be strengthened. An early study (Cole and Scott, 1982) revealed that 28 prominent creationists did not publish articles dealing with empirical, experimental or theoretical evidence for the scientific creationist "model" in over 4000 journals covered by the data… 

Of audience, expertise and authority: The evolving creationism debate

The persistence of “scientific creationism” is a curiosity in an age where the epistemic authority of Darwinian evolution is virtually a commonplace. Rather than conceptualizing creationism as

On Creationism in the Astronomy Classroom

Recently in the United States, a small but vocal group of citizens has been promoting a view known as "creationism," the assertion that the universe and everything in it was created in six days by

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For well over a century, the United States has witnessed a prolonged debate over organic evolution and teaching of the theory in the nation's public schools. The controversy that began with the

Antievolution and Creationism in the United States

Evolution is considered controversial by a substantial minority of Americans. Religious opposition explains this, but this opposition is comprised of a broad continuum of religious views. It runs

Misuses of biology in the context of the paranormal

In claiming that creation ‘science’ is as valid as evolution the creationists misquote scientists and seek to spread their own ‘scientific’ myths concerning a young age for the earth, an act of creation based on a particular literalist interpretation of the Christian Bible and a single worldwide flood.

Contemporary Religious Discrimination Against Creationists in Academia

The writer interviewed over 100 persons who were active in creation work. Most felt that the standard evolutionary paradigm of origins was inadequate and should be "balanced" with alternative

The Evolution-Creation Controversy: Opinions of Ohio High School Biology Teachers

The results indicated that Ohio high school biology teachers are far more likely tosupport the teaching of evolution, and far less likely to support the Teaching of creationism than is the public at large.

Antievolutionism, scientific creationism, and physical anthropology

Antievolutionism is alive and well in the United States, as shown by public attitudes toward evolution and the factual truth of Biblical literalism. High percentages of college students do not accept

Foundational issues in evolution education

There is a great need for effective evolution education. This paper reviews some of the evidence that demonstrates that need and analyzes some of the foundational semantic, epistemological, and

Science denial as a form of pseudoscience.

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