The Elusive Polity: Imagining and Contesting Colonial Authority in Cyprus during the 1930s

  title={The Elusive Polity: Imagining and Contesting Colonial Authority in Cyprus during the 1930s},
  author={Alexis Rappas},
  journal={Journal of Modern Greek Studies},
  pages={363 - 397}
  • Alexis Rappas
  • Published 19 November 2008
  • History, Political Science
  • Journal of Modern Greek Studies
In 1931, an uprising of Greek Cypriots proclaiming “Enosis” (political union of Cyprus [with Greece]) swept the island of Cyprus, then a British colony. Rapidly recovering from the initial shock, British authorities seized the opportunity to abolish representative institutions (long considered an impediment to the sound administration of the island) and impose limitations on freedom of expression. Under Governor Sir Richmond Palmer, an era of authoritarian rule began. The broader aim of British… 

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ABSTRACT This article offers an examination of the British Council’s early stages of expansion in Cyprus under British rule, from 1935 to 1955, before the start of the Greek Cypriot anti-colonial

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The aim of this monograph is to provide a detailed account of language policy and language planning in Cyprus. Using both historical and synchronic data and adopting a mixed-methods approach


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The paper investigates the consensus problem in anonymous, failures prone and asynchronous shared memory systems. It introduces a new class of failure detectors, called anonymity-preserving failures

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  • Education
    Planned parenthood in Europe = Planning familial en Europe
  • 1991
The objective of educating people on family planning and sexuality issues has been carried forth by the Family Planning Association of Cyprus (FPAC) since 1971 and sex education has reached the agenda of the General Assembly of Parliament only to be postponed due to the April 1991 end of term dismissal.

Subaltern Studies II: Writings on South Asian History and Society . Edited by Ranajit Guha. Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1983. xi, 358 pp. Glossary, Index. $24.95; Rs. 125.

a passive and inert Indian peasantry. Guha's formulation that the history of peasants and peasant insurgencies is and must be a history with its own dynamic, understood and written in its own terms,