The Elegant Compiler Generator System

  title={The Elegant Compiler Generator System},
  author={Lex Augusteijn},
  booktitle={Attribute Grammars and their Applications},
  • L. Augusteijn
  • Published in
    Attribute Grammars and their…
    1 September 1990
  • Computer Science
At the Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven a compiler generator system, called Elegant, has been developed. This system offers the ability to specify a compiler by means of an attribute grammar (AG). This AG is allowed to be pseudo circular. A pseudo circular attribute grammar is a powerful formalism, including the class of non-circular AG's, which allows the structure of an AG for a programming language to be language independent by using a general attribution scheme, which gives rise to… 

The metafront System: Extensible Parsing and Transformation

The metafront system: Safe and extensible parsing and transformation

Descriptional Composition of Compiler Components

The Oberon2 compiler is the first successful use of descriptional compositions for a realistically complex system, and the effectiveness of combining the new APS description language and the new algorithm for descriptional composition is demonstrated in this dissertation.

A systematic approach to the implementation of attribute grammars with conventional compiler construction tools

This article describes structure-preserving coding patterns to code arbitrary non-circular attribute grammars as syntax-directed translation schemes for bottom-up and top-down parser generation

Remote attribute grammars

It is shown that determining circularity of remote attribute grammars is undecidable and a family of conservative tests of noncircularity are described and shown how they can be used to “schedule” a remote attribute grammar using standard techniques.

Analyzing Direct Non-Local Dependencies inAttribute

A technique for rendering the direct non-local dependencies in classical terms, after which well-known attribute grammar scheduling algorithms may be used.

Lazy Combinators for Executable Specifications of General Attribute Grammars

A lazy-evaluation based top-down parsing algorithm has been implemented as a set of higher-order functions (combinators) which support directly-executable specifications of fully general attribute

Attribute grammar paradigms—a high-level methodology in language implementation

  • J. Paakki
  • Computer Science, Linguistics
  • 1995
The methodology of integrating two problem-solving disciplines together is explored with a classification of the paradigms into structured, modular, object-oriented, logic, and functional attribute grammars.

Cocktail Toolbox for Compiler Construction Efficient Evaluation of Well-Formed Attribute Grammars And Beyond

This paper is concerned with the evaluation of well-formed attribute grammars as support for semantic analysis. This is the largest class of attribute grammars, which does not impose any

Executable Attribute Grammars for Modular and Efficient Natural Language Processing

A new modular top-down syntactic and semantic analysis system is proposed, which is efficient and accommodates all forms of CFGs, and provides notation to declaratively specify semantics by establishing arbitrary dependencies between attributes of syntactic categories to perform linguistically-motivated tasks.



A Technique for Parsing Ambiguous Languages

From a given context free grammar, it is possible in a variety of ways to generate automatically a program that acts as a recogniser for the language of that grammar. Under a number of conditions,

Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools

  • A. AhoR. SethiJ. Ullman
  • Computer Science
    Addison-Wesley series in computer science / World student series edition
  • 1986
This book discusses the design of a Code Generator, the role of the Lexical Analyzer, and other topics related to code generation and optimization.

GAG: A Practical Compiler Generator

The compiler generator GAG generates a language for distributed definitions and develops an attributed grammar for a Pascal-Analyzer to generate efficient compiler front-ends.

On a Recursive Ascent Parser

Attribute Grammars

The elegant scanner generator

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Compiling extended bnf notation to elegant's attribute grammet description language

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Testing attribute gramars for circularity

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Semantics of context-fi-ee languages

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Codegen language definition

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