The Electromagnetic shift of energy levels

  title={The Electromagnetic shift of energy levels},
  author={Hans Albrecht Bethe},
  journal={Physical Review},
  • H. Bethe
  • Published 15 August 1947
  • Physics
  • Physical Review
B very beautiful experiments, Lamb and Retherford1 have shown that the fine structure of the second quantum state of hydrogen does not agree with the prediction of the Dirac theory. The 2s level, which according to Dirac’s theory should coincide with the 2p 1 2 level, is actually higher than the latter by an amount of about 0.033 cm−1 or 1000 megacycles. This discrepancy had long been suspected from spectroscopic measurements.23 However, so far no satisfactory theoretical explanation has been… 

History and Some Aspects of the Lamb Shift

Radiation is a process common to classical and quantum systems with very different effects in each regime. In a quantum system, the interaction of a bound electron with its own radiation field leads

Fine Structure of the He II Line λ = 4686 A.

ACCORDING to the Dirac theory of the energy states in hydrogen-like spectra, levels of the same principal quantum number n which have the same value of the quantum number of total angular momentum j

Theory of Natural Line Shape

The quantum-electrodynamical treatment of the emission of light by an atom has been strongly influenced by Weisskopf and Wigner’s early contribution(1) to this subject. While their work was highly

Lamb shift of the 12S ground state of deuterium

  • G. Herzberg
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1956
According to modern quantum electrodynamics, the 1S level (ground state) of hydrogen and deuterium is predicted to lie 0⋅2726 cm–1 above the energy given by the Dirac theory. In order to obtain an

Electromagnetic Level-Shift and Effect of Radiation Field

THE brilliant experiment of Lamb and Retherford1 has conclusively demonstrated that in the hydrogen atom the 2S-level is higher than the 2P1/2-level by about 10 megacycles, a result which reveals a

On the self-energies and cross-sections of orthodox quantum mechanics

  • H. S. Green
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1949
In this paper are introduced several novel techniques having as their objects, first, the gain of a new understanding of the divergence difficulties of orthodox quantum theory, and secondly, the

The Lamb shift in muonic hydrogen

The long quest for a measurement of the Lamb shift in muonic hydrogen is over. Last year we measured the 2S1/2F=1–2P3/2F=2 energy splitting (Pohl et al., Nature, 466, 213 (2010)) in μp with an