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The Electoral College and Presidential Particularism

  title={The Electoral College and Presidential Particularism},
  author={Douglas L. Kriner and Andrew Reeves},
  journal={Boston University Law Review},
Congressional scholars have long observed that electoral incentives encourage Members of Congress to prioritize the needs of their local constituencies over those of the nation as a whole. Indeed many analysts have pointed to increasingly gerrymandered and ideologically extreme districts as a major cause for the current dysfunction in Congress. As a result, scholars from across subfields have called for increased delegation of policymaking authority to the President as a partial solution to our… 

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  • A. WicaksonoSuyotoPranowo
  • Computer Science
    2016 2nd International Conference on Science in Information Technology (ICSITech)
  • 2016
The proposed method is still unable to use real time data due to random user location value gathered from Twitter REST API, and researchers will be working on it for future works.




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