The Eigenvalues of Mathieu's Equation and their Branch Points

  title={The Eigenvalues of Mathieu's Equation and their Branch Points},
  author={Christopher Hunter and Bruno Guerrieri},
  journal={Studies in Applied Mathematics},
A comprehensive account is given of the behavior of the eigenvalues of Mathieu's equation as functions of the complex variable q. The convergence of their small-q expansions is limited by an infinite sequence of rings of branch points of square-root type at which adjacent eigenvalues of the same type become equal. New asymptotic formulae are derived that account for how and where the eigenvalues become equal. Known asymptotic series for the eigenvalues apply beyond the rings of branch points… 
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  • R. Coisson, G. Vernizzi, Xiaoke Yang
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    2009 IEEE International Workshop on Open-source Software for Scientific Computation (OSSC)
  • 2009
A numerical algorithm which allows a flexible approach to the computation of all the Mathieu functions is described, and an elegant and compact matrix notation is used which can be readily implemented on any computing platform.
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Mathieu's differential equation, y" + (a - 2q cos 2x)y 0, admits of solutions of period xr or 27r for four countable sets of characteristic values, a(q), which can be ordered as aT(q), r = O, 1, *.