The Efficacy of Farabloc, An Electromagnetic Shield, in Attenuating Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness

  title={The Efficacy of Farabloc, An Electromagnetic Shield, in Attenuating Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness},
  author={Jian Zhang and Doug B. Clement and Jack E. Taunton},
  journal={Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine},
ObjectiveTo assess the hypothesis that Farabloc, a fabric with electromagnetic shielding properties, would attenuate the symptoms, signs, and muscular strength deficit secondary to delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) induced by two exposures to eccentric exercise in humans. DesignRandomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial with two testing stages of 5 days duration separated by a washout period of more than 8 weeks. SettingUniversity-based sports medicine center… 

Alleviation of pain with the use of Farabloc, an electromagnetic shield:

Farabloc fabric, which is demonstrated to have electromagnetic shielding properties when covering the stump of an amputated limb or when wrapped around the thigh muscle perturbed by delayed onset muscle soreness, significantly reduces pain in human subjects.

Pilot study on the effect of grounding on delayed-onset muscle soreness.

In a pilot study, grounding the body to the earth alters measures of immune system activity and pain and provides a basis for a larger study.

Effects of Intermittent Exposure to Hyperbaric Oxygen for the Treatment of an Acute Soft Tissue Injury

The findings of this study suggest that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not effective in the treatment of exercise-induced muscle injury as indicated by the markers evaluated.

Pain reduction by infrared light-emitting diode irradiation: a pilot study on experimentally induced delayed-onset muscle soreness in humans

No apparent significant analgesic effects of LED are revealed at the above-described light parameters and treatment procedure for none of the three outcome measures, however, as the means of all VAS and MPT variables disclose a general analgesic effect of LED irradiation in favour of the experimental group, precaution should be taken in view of any clinical decision on LED.

Efficacy of Farabloc as an analgesic in primary fibromyalgia

Patients with fibromyalgia had less pain after sleeping in a gown made of Farabloc than with a placebo fabric, suggesting that FarabLoc, an electromagnetic shielding fabric, has analgesic properties in fibromyromyalgia.

Using Farabloc to Decrease Hot Flashes in Postmenopausal Women: A Randomized Controlled Study

The use of Farabloc fabric at night significantly reduced the frequency of hot flashes in postmenopausal women, suggesting that FarabLoc may be considered as a safe alternative non-medicinal treatment option or adjunct for the alleviation of hot flash problems.



Low-power electromagnetic stimulation of osteotomized rabbit fibulae. A randomized, blinded study.

Whether low-power-consuming symmetrical-waveform electromagnetic stimuli could increase the stiffness of fracture sites in a rabbit fibular-osteotomy model and significant increase of callus bending stiffness was produced.

Relations between muscle soreness and biochemical and functional outcomes of eccentric exercise.

Results can practically be interpreted as follows: 1) subjects need more time to recover completely when early deviations after eccentric exercise are large, 2) a large change in one measure is accompanied by large deviations in other measures, and 3) objective outcomes of eccentric Exercise are more accurate parameters than a DOMS score for use in effect studies.

Factors in delayed onset muscular soreness of man.

In this study 11 subjects performed exercise resulting in delayed onset muscular soreness in m. gastrocnemius with one leg, the experimental leg. The other leg served as control. Pre-exercise and 24,

Muscle function after exercise-induced muscle damage and rapid adaptation.

This brief review focuses on the time course of changes in muscle function and other correlates of muscle damage following maximal effort eccentric actions of the forearm flexor muscles and attempts to establish relationships among the measures.

Delayed onset muscle soreness following repeated bouts of downhill running.

It was concluded that performance of a single exercise bout had a prophylactic effect on the generation of muscle soreness and serum protein responses that lasts up to 6 wk.

Initial events in exercise-induced muscular injury.

  • R. Armstrong
  • Biology
    Medicine and science in sports and exercise
  • 1990
Immediately following unaccustomed exercise, particularly that with eccentric contractions, there is evidence of injury to skeletal muscle fibers: a) disruption of the normal myofilament structures in some sarcomeres and b) loss of intramuscular proteins into the plasma, indicating damage to sarcolemma.

Acute soft tissue injuries--a review of the literature.

  • J. Kellett
  • Medicine
    Medicine and science in sports and exercise
  • 1986
Recovering from acute soft tissue trauma is complete when the injured and adjacent tissues are restored to full pain-free functional capacity under competitive conditions in association with the necessary level of cardiovascular respiratory fitness.

Effect of weak electromagnetic fields on the amplitude of the pattern reversal VEP response in Parkinson's disease.

  • R. Sandyk
  • Psychology
    The International journal of neuroscience
  • 1996
Extracerebral application of picotesla (pT) range flux intensity electromagnetic fields of low frequency rapidly increases in amplitude of the VEP response and, by inference, cerebral DA levels presumably by increasing DA release.