The Efficacy of Breast Augmentation: Breast Size Increase, Patient Satisfaction, and Psychological Effects

  title={The Efficacy of Breast Augmentation: Breast Size Increase, Patient Satisfaction, and Psychological Effects},
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In this study designed to quantify the degree of breast enlargement produced by augmentation mammaplasty, 112 women who underwent breast augmentation were interviewed. The size increase that typically resulted from various implant volumes was measured by comparing preoperative and postoperative bra sizes. For the study group as a whole, the average increase was two bra sizes (either increased cup size or a combination of increased cup size and chest circumference), regardless of the implant… 
The Magnitude of Effect of Cosmetic Breast Augmentation on Patient Satisfaction and Health-Related Quality of Life
This finding strongly supports the hypothesis that cosmetic breast augmentation can have a significant and profound positive impact on a woman's satisfaction with her breasts and her psychosocial and sexual well-being.
Effect of Breast Augmentation Mammoplasty on Self‐Esteem and Sexuality: A Quantitative Analysis
  • Cynthia Figueroa-Haas
  • Medicine
    Plastic surgical nursing : official journal of the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Nurses
  • 2007
Although not extensively researched, psychologic factors have attributed to the growing number of performed breast augmentation procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgery (2003) reported a
Breast Augmentation in Thin Women: Patient Satisfaction With Saline-Filled Implants
This retrospective review was designed to determine whether very thin patients who underwent saline breast augmentation were satisfied with the procedure, and whether they had a higher than average
Breast Augmentation in Thin Women: Patient Satisfaction With Saline-Filled Implants
  • R. Stokes
  • Medicine
    Aesthetic plastic surgery
  • 2004
Although thin patients have a higher rate of revision surgery in the author’s practice, as well as a higher rates of implant palpability, they are routinely satisfied with breast augmentation and would recommend the procedure to a friend or family member.
Understanding the Effect of Breast Augmentation on Quality of Life: Prospective Analysis Using the BREAST-Q
Breast augmentation is associated with high patient satisfaction and significant improvements in quality of life, however, physicians should inform patients that submuscular augmentations are associated with a delay in recovery of physical functioning and be aware that older patients may experience diminished satisfaction and should counsel accordingly.
A Prospective, Multi-Center Study of Psychosocial Outcomes After Augmentation With Natrelle Silicone-Filled Breast Implants
Subjects’ satisfaction with their implants was uniformly high throughout the follow-up period, from 99% in the month after implantation to 95% at 6 years, and improvements in health-related quality of life were not observed.
Psychological Considerations in Cosmetic Breast Augmentation
This article reviews this literature and provides recommendations to plastic surgical nurses regarding the psychological assessment and management of patients seeking breast augmentation.
Cosmetic saline breast implants: a survey of satisfaction, breast-feeding experience, cancer screening, and health.
Overall, women who elected to have saline breast implants were satisfied with their augmentations, had mammograms and performed breast self-examinations more often than nonaugmented women.
Quality of life, personality changes, self esteem, and emotional stability after breast augmentation
Breast augmentation is a common surgical intervention widely accepted and very well tolerated among female patients, achieving a better quality of life, due to significant changes to their sexuality, satisfaction with their body image, and personal well-being.
The Psychological Aspects of Cosmetic Breast Augmentation
  • D. Sarwer
  • Medicine
    Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • 2007
There currently is little evidence to support a recommendation that all women who present for cosmetic breast augmentation be required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before surgery, however, it is recommended that women with a history of psychopathology, or those who are suspected by the plastic surgeon of having some form of psychopathologic abnormality, should undergo a mental health consultation before surgery.