The Effects of Summer Vacation on Achievement Test Scores: A Narrative and Meta-Analytic Review

  title={The Effects of Summer Vacation on Achievement Test Scores: A Narrative and Meta-Analytic Review},
  author={Harris Cooper and Barbara Nye and Kelly Charlton and James J. Lindsay and Scott Greathouse},
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A review of 39 studies indicated that achievement test scores decline over summer vacation. The results of the 13 most recent studies were combined using meta-analytic procedures. The meta-analysis indicated that the summer loss equaled about one month on a grade-level equivalent scale, or one tenth of a standard deviation relative to spring test scores. The effect of summer break was more detrimental for math than for reading and most detrimental for math computation and spelling. Also, middle… 

The Impact of Summer Programs on Student Mathematics Achievement: A Meta-Analysis

We present results from a meta-analysis of 37 contemporary experimental and quasi-experimental studies of summer programs in mathematics for children in grades pre-K–12, examining what resources and

Summer School and Summer Learning: An Examination of the Short- and Longer Term Changes in Student Literacy

Research Findings: Multiple student cohorts were longitudinally tracked and student participation in a summer program bridging the 1st- and 2nd-grade academic years was recorded to examine selection

Making the most of summer school: a meta-analytic and narrative review.

Recommendations to policy makers are that summer programs contain substantial components aimed at teaching math and reading and include rigorous evaluations, but also permit local control of curricula and delivery systems.

Changing the Face of Summer Programs

F or many years, school systems have provided remedial opportunities during the summer in an attempt to close the achievement gap beiween their low-performing students and thosestudents reading

Effects of a Summer Reading Intervention on the Reading Performance of Elementary Grade Students from Low-Income Families

Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of 42 hr of reading instruction during summer on (a) reading performance of rising second and third graders (n = 39), who were from

Summer learning loss: The influence of summer school programs on student achievement in language usage, math, and reading

Participation in summer school was shown to have a significant main effect on post-test reading scores in fourth grade, with summer school students scoring significantly lower than their nonsummer school counterparts.

The Effects of Nine-Week Summer Vacation: Losses in Mathematics and Gains in Reading

Background:Summer vacations interrupt the rhythm of learning and may result in a loss of knowledge and skills.Materials and methods:This study investigates summer learning losses in an Austrian

Longitudinal Achievement Effects of Multiyear Summer School: Evidence From the Teach Baltimore Randomized Field Trial

Employing a randomized field trial, this 3-year study explored the effects of a multiyear summer school program in preventing the cumulative effect of summer learning losses and promoting

Staying on Track: Testing Higher Achievement's Long-Term Impact on Academic Outcomes and High School Choice.

The study authors found that 4 years after randomization, students who were offered participation in Higher Achievement had significantly higher standardized test scores in mathematical problem



Vacation Retention of Fundamentals by Primary-Grade Pupils

  • R. Cook
  • Education
    The Elementary School Journal
  • 1942
which is apparent after a summer's vacation-and rightly so. Research conducted in the primary grades of the Laboratory School at Mankato State Teachers College over a period of four years showed a

An Inquiry into Summer Loss in Reading: Grades 1-7

How does a three month summer vacation affect student reading ability? This study focused on whether students in grades one through seven experienced a gain or loss over the summer months in

Challenging the Assumption of Generalized Academic Losses over Summer

AbstractThis study challenges the assumption of generalized academic losses over the summer vacation from school. Metropolitan Achievement Tests were administered to 54 grade 1 students, 56 grade 3

Effects of Summer Break on Math and Spelling Performance as a Function of Grade Level

The effects of a 12-week summer break on the math and spelling performance of 275 second-through fifth-grade students in 2 rural schools in 1 cooperative were assessed by comparing students'

Effect of the Summer Vacation on the Achievement of Pupils in the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades

Do children lose in achievement during the summer vacation? Is it necessary that teachers spend time on review in the fall? Do all sub jects require the same amount of review? These are some of the

Summer Setback: Race, Poverty, School Composition, and Mathematics Achievement in the First Two Years of School.

In a longitudinal study of a random sample of Baltimore youngsters starting first grade, the mathematics achievement level of African-Americans and whites was almost identical. Two years later,

Schooling and cognitive development: Is there a season for learning?

HEYNS, BARBARA. Schooling and Cognitive Development: Is There a Season for Learning? CHILD DEVELOPMENT, 1987, 58, 1151-1160. Although usually advocated as a cost-effective strategy for utilizing

Toward a More Appropriate Conceptualization of Research on School Effects: A Three-Level Hierarchical Linear Model

Two aspects of educational research--that children's learning is typically the object of inquiry and that this learning usually occurs in organizational settings of classrooms and schools--locate

Winter Setback: The Racial Composition of Schools and Learning to Read

This is a longitudinal study of the growth in reading comprehension over the first two years of school among a mixed-race random sample of children in Baltimore, Maryland. African-Americans in

What Happens to Kindergarten Children's Knowledge about Reading after a Summer Vacation? Reading Education Report No. 21.

ABSTRACT Sixty-six children in three classrooms were tested at the end of their kindergarten year and again at the beginning of their first grade year to determine the effects of summer vacations on