The Effects of Smoking after Meals on Superior Mesenteric Artery and Portal Vein Haemodynamics: A Doppler Ultrasonography Study

  • Yemekten Sonra, İçilen Sigaranın, Özgün Araştırma, Orhan BABAOĞLU, Banu Alicioğlu
  • Published 2011


Objective: To assess changes in mesenteric blood flow caused by smoking after meals in healthy young adults. Subjects and Methods: A total of 50 participants, 22 smokers and 28 non-smokers, were enrolled in the study. Volunteers were divided into three groups: group A, non-smokers (n=28), group B, smokers and smoked postprandially (n=18), group C, smokers… (More)


4 Figures and Tables

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