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The Effects of Sexual Arousal on Risk-Taking and Decision-Making

  title={The Effects of Sexual Arousal on Risk-Taking and Decision-Making},
  author={Shayna Skakoon-Sparling},

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Addressing the unmet contraceptive need of adolescents and unmarried youth: act or interact?: learning from comprehensive interventions in China and Latin America

This PhD monograph presents the results of two intervention studies addressing unmarried people in different regions and identified determinants of unmet contraceptive need among adolescents and unmarried youth and formulated new hypotheses that are subject to testing in future research.



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Abstract Understanding discrepancies between behavior and perceived self-interest has been one of the major, but largely untackled, theoretical challenges confronting decision theory from its infancy

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Visceral cues indicating proximity to objects of desire can lead people to be disproportionately influenced by the anticipated rewards of immediate gratification rather than the risks of consummatory

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  • H. BlantonM. Gerrard
  • Psychology
    Health psychology : official journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association
  • 1997
Recent research has incorporated situational factors into assessment of risk. Working from a rational appraisal framework, however, these studies have not emphasized contextual features that might

The heat of the moment: the effect of sexual arousal on sexual decision making

Despite the social importance of decisions taken in the “heat of the moment,” very little research has examined the effect of sexual arousal on judgment and decision making. Here we examine the

Adventures in Sex City

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  • 2007