The Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children

  title={The Effects of Sexual Abuse on Children},
  author={Jon R. Conte and John R. Schuerman},
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Data were collected at the Sexual Assault Center in Seattle on 369 sexually abused children and a community comparison sample of 318 not-abused children. Data describing the behavior of these children were collected from the child's parent and for the abused children from the social worker. Samples differed on a number of variables and these variables were used as control variables in the analysis. Results indicate that abused and not-abused children appear behaviorally different on a set of… 

Ameliorating the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

This study examines the support of nonabusing parents and others as it affects subsequent adjustment to childhood victimization and women's attitudes toward men. A form of log linear analyses on the

The impact of previous sexual abuse on children's adjustment in adoptive placement.

The interaction of sexual abuse and adoption issues is examined and the implications for social work practice with sexually abused children and their adoptive families are discussed.

Sexually Abused Children Who Exhibit Sexual Behavior Problems: Victimization Characteristics

The children who exhibited SBP were abused with more frequency and at a younger age than those who did not, and analysis showed a statistically significant difference between the two groups on the frequency and the age of onset of abuse.

Female victims of child sexual abuse: Adult adjustment

A questionnaire administered to a University sample of 245 female victims of sexual child abuse and 750 nonvictims attempted to determine whether abuse is related to poor adult social and

Methodological issues in child sexual abuse research.

  • S. Kelley
  • Psychology
    Journal of pediatric nursing
  • 1991
Methodological issues that need to be considered when designing and implementing studies on the impact of child sexual abuse are discussed, and suggestions are made for strengthening research designs.

Comparison of the Effects of Sexual Abuse on Male and Female Latency-Aged Children

The psychological impact of childhood sexual abuse on latency-aged children was investigated by the combined use of self-report instruments and parent/caretaker reports. In the study, 20 males and 20

Indicators of Sexual Abuse in Children's Rorschach Responses: An Exploratory Study.

Rorschach protocols of 18 preadolescent, sexually abused children were compared to protocols of 18 clinical controls. Dependent variables included responses with overt sexual contents, sexual symbols

A study of the academic performance of sexually abused children

Studies of the impact of abuse on children's cognitive and school performance have focused largely on maltreated and neglected children. In this study the academic performance of 15 sexually abused

Child Sexual Abuse Disclosure: Maternal Response and Other Variables Impacting the Victim

Disclosure of childhood sexual abuse is a process unique to each victim and may be influenced by factors of race, ethnicity, culture, religion, and gender, as well as by abuse specific factors. The



Child sex initiation rings.

The workings of child sex initiation rings are outlined in a study of 36 prepubescent children involved in six such rings, and symptoms noted in the children prior to disclosure, and affective and cognitive response by parents upon disclosure are discussed.

What's wrong with sex between adults and children? Ethics and the problem of sexual abuse.

  • D. Finkelhor
  • Psychology
    The American journal of orthopsychiatry
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It is suggested that basing the prohibition of adult-child sex on the premise that children are incapable of full and informed consent will provide a more solid and consistent approach to the problem.

Children not severely damaged by incest with a parent.

Impact of child sexual abuse: a review of the research.

Revue de la litterature traitant des effets des agressions sexuelles contre des enfants et discussion de leurs effets immediats et a long terme et de l'impact des differents types d'agression

Hysterical seizures: a sequel to incest.

Six cases are described in which hysterical seizures developed after incest and disappeared after psychotherapeutic exploration of the incestuous experience, suggesting that Navajo and Galenic folk beliefs connecting epilepsy with incest may derive from observations of this symptom pattern in incest victims.

A follow-up report on children who had atypical sexual experience.