The Effects of Salinity and Shear History on The Rheological Characteristics of Illite-Rich and Na-Montmorillonite-Rich Clays

  title={The Effects of Salinity and Shear History on The Rheological Characteristics of Illite-Rich and Na-Montmorillonite-Rich Clays},
  author={Sueng Won Jeong and Jacques Locat and Serge Leroueil},
  journal={Clays and Clay Minerals},
Particle–particle interactions in natural clays can be evaluated by their rheological behavior, but the results are often affected by the physicochemical properties of the clays. The behaviors of two fundamentally different types of clays (low-activity and high-activity) differ with respect to salinity and a time factor (duration of shearing at a given shear rate): illite-rich Jonquiere clay (low-activity clay, Canada) and montmorillonite-rich Wyoming bentonite (high-activity clay, USA). The… Expand
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