The Effects of Proton Irradiation on SiGe : C HBTs

  title={The Effects of Proton Irradiation on SiGe : C HBTs},
  author={Shiming Zhang and Guofu Niu and John D. Cressler and H. J{\"o}rg Osten and D. Knoll and Cheryl J. Marshall and Paul W. Marshall and Hak S. Kim},
Abstract--The effects of 63MeV proton irradiation on SiGe:C HBTs are reported for the first time. The dc characteristics and neutral base recombination of these SiGe:C HBTs are investigated for proton fluences up to 5×10 p/cm. A comparison is made with SiGe HBTs fabricated in the same technology. Despite the fact that these SiGe:C HBTs degrade significantly… CONTINUE READING