The Effects of Mobbing on Organizational Cynicism: A Study on Hotels in Turkey

  • Elbeyi PELİT
  • Published 2014


The aim of this study is to determine the effects of the hotel employees' mobbing perceptions on organizational cynicism. In this respect, employees’ mobbing perceptions and attitudes related to organizational cynicism are evaluated separately, and then through putting forth the effect of mobbing on organizational cynicism on the sample of hotel business employees in Turkey. In this research, survey technique was utilized as a data collecting method, also the relevant mobbing and organizational cynicism scales were utilized. Survey way applied to 936 people selected through stage sampling method from employees of the five star hotel in Turkey which constitute the population of this research, and data collected for the aim of this study was analyzed and interpreted. According to the results of this research, it was determined that when hotel employees’ mobbing perceptions are considered in general, the highest mobbing perception is in “self-realization and attacks intended for communication formation” dimension; when their attitudes on organizational cynicism are considered in general, organizational cynicism with the highest average is behavioral cynicism. On the other hand, relations between employees’ mobbing perceptions and attitudes on organizational cynicism have been found significant in this research, also it is achieved that mobbing increases organizational cynicism.

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