The Effects of Melatonin and L-DOPA on the Diurnal Rhythms of Free Amino Acids Content in the Rat Retina

  title={The Effects of Melatonin and L-DOPA on the Diurnal Rhythms of Free Amino Acids Content in the Rat Retina},
  author={N. Pozdeyev and E. Doroshenko and E. V. Lavrikova and R. N. {\'E}tingof},
  journal={Journal of Biological Rhythms},
  pages={112 - 121}
The effects of melatonin and dopamine precursor L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) intraperitoneal administration on the rhythms of free amino acids content in the retina of rats were studied. The authors found that the levels of those amino acids, which are protein constituents but not neurotransmitters in the rat retina, change diurnally with maximum at 3-6 h after light onset. Diurnal changes of Ala, Arg, Asn, Ile, Met, Ser, Trp, and Val content persisted in the retina of rats maintained… Expand
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