The Effects of Female Genital Mutilation on the Onset of Sexual Activity and Marriage in Guinea

  title={The Effects of Female Genital Mutilation on the Onset of Sexual Activity and Marriage in Guinea},
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Female genital mutilation (FGM) is almost universal in Guinea and practiced by all ethnic and religious groups and social classes, although the prevalence of the various types of FGM varies by socioeconomic group. A common explanation for FGM practices is that they contribute to the social control over female sexuality and enhance the marriageability of women. These claims were tested using the 1999 Guinea Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) (N = 6753). Event history techniques were used to… 
Spatial distribution of female genital mutilation in Nigeria.
Findings show that community factors have a large effect on FGM, with individual factors having little effect on the distribution of FGM.
Examining the Association between Female Genital Mutilation and Early Sexual Initiation among Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
Not undergoing female genital mutilation in the midst of socio-economic factors (e.g., education level, household wealth) could limit AGYW from early sexual debut, and the need for effective campaign and programs against this traditional procedure is underscored.
Female genital mutilation: a multi-country study
There is an inverse relationship between FGM and higher education and affluence and proper policies and awareness generation among less educated and less affluent women in rural areas are warranted in an attempt to reduce FGM.
Female Genital Mutilation in Senegal The role of Socio-Economic Risk Factors of Circumcision and Subsequent Effects of Circumcision upon Fertility and Marriage Markets
This paper attempts to link the severity of circumcision to fertility impacts through measurement of birth parity spacing and total births to identify socio-economic risk factors that can increase the risk of circumcision of respondent first daughters in Senegal suing Demographic Health Survey data.
Female Genital Cutting Restricts Sociosexuality Among the Igbo People of Southeast Nigeria
Female genital cutting (FGC) involves partial or total removal of the external female genitalia and causes detrimental effects on woman’s physical and psychological health. Estimates suggest that 130
The Association of Female Circumcision With HIV Status and Sexual Behavior in Mali: A Multilevel Analysis
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FC is associated with HIV-positive status but not with a decrease in sexual risk behavior, which has important implication for FC and HIV prevention.
The relation of female circumcision to sexual behavior in Kenya and Nigeria
The argument of sexual chastity is insufficient to sustain the perpetuation of female circumcision, and no association was observed between female circumcision and the outcomes for sexual behavior of women in Kenya and Nigeria.
Association between female genital mutilation and girl-child marriage in sub-Saharan Africa.
The findings reveal that female genital mutilation is associated with girl-child marriage in sub-Saharan Africa and the continued practice will adversely affect the reproductive health outcomes of girls in the sub-region.
Female genital mutilation: a systematic review of research on its economic and social impacts across four decades
The publication of articles on the consequences of FGM is increasing, but there is little research on the socioeconomic consequences of the practice, and more scientific data focusing on this dimension is necessary to strengthen prevention, advocacy, and intervention campaigns.


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Female genital cutting and coming of age in Guinea
Findings from the Demographic and Health Surveys qualitative research study on female circumcision or female genital cutting in Guinea suggest that FGC is increasingly being done within the medical system and is taking on less radical forms.
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Current global status of female genital mutilation: a review.
An overview of the current global status of female genital mutilation (FGM) or female circumcision practised in various countries is provided to provide an overview of global efforts to abolish the ritual.
Female genital mutilation in developing countries: an agenda for public health response.
Female genital mutilation in Nigeria
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Female genital circumcision: medical and cultural considerations.
The incidence of FC, the historical background, the procedure, the medical complications and cultural considerations, and legal and ethical issues of FGM will be discussed.
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The struggle against FGM must be a combined effort of law enforcement, targeted information- and sensibilization campaigns, education and training activities for various target groups that aim at establishing behavioural changes.
Sexuality issues in the movement to abolish female genital cutting in Sudan.
Ethnographic research in seven rural Sudanese communities in 2004 demonstrates the deep association between infibulation and expectations for successful male sexual response, reinforced by aesthetic