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The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Parenting

  title={The Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse on Parenting},
  author={Erin Ann Williams},
THE EFFECTS OF CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ABUSE ON PARENTING By Erin A. Williams Adviser: Professor Cathy Spatz Widom Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a pervasive problem that has been the focus of substantial empirical research. While negative outcomes such as psychiatric diagnoses or health problems have been well documented, the literature regarding the effects of CSA on parenting is sparse and has produced conflicting results. Moreover, the existing research on CSA’s effect on later parenting has… 
Intergenerational Cycles of Maltreatment: A Scoping Review of Psychosocial Risk and Protective Factors
Results indicate that parents' individual characteristics, childhood adversity, relational factors, and contextual factors are relevant to the intergenerational continuity of child maltreatment.


Parenting Characteristics of Women Reporting a History of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Overall patterns suggest CSA survivors may experience difficulties with some aspects of parenting, and among the more consistent trends are findings that survivors may have difficulties establishing clear generational boundaries with their children, may be more permissive as parents, and May be more likely to use harsh physical discipline.
Linking childhood sexual abuse and abusive parenting: the mediating role of maternal anger.
Childhood sexual abuse history and role reversal in parenting.
Predicting the child-rearing practices of mothers sexually abused in childhood.
The Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Other Forms of Childhood Adversity on Adulthood Parenting
  • B. Barrett
  • Psychology
    Journal of child sexual abuse
  • 2009
Investigation of the independent impact of child sexual abuse on five dimensions of adulthood parenting in a predominantly African-American sample of mothers receiving public assistance found effects were nonsignificant when sociodemographic factors and other forms of childhood adversity were considered.
Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Romantic Adjustment
The present results show that in a community sample, CSA may be an important risk factor that develops couple difficulties, regardless of the severity of the trauma, and no correlation was found between abuse severity and psychosocial measures.
Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adulthood Parenting: The Mediating Role of Intimate Partner Violence
This study examined the role of intimate partner victimization in mediating the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and adulthood parenting in a community sample of mothers reliant on public