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The Effects of Appearance-Based Reality Shows on Body Image

  title={The Effects of Appearance-Based Reality Shows on Body Image},
  author={A. Suplee},

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Body Dissatisfaction Among Adolescent Boys and Girls: The Effects of Body Mass, Peer Appearance Culture and Internalization of Appearance Ideals
For girls and boys, body mass, appearance conversations with friends, peer appearance criticism and internalized appearance ideals emerged as significant predictors of body dissatisfaction, suggesting internalisation may represent a key psychological process that underpins body dissatisfaction among both boys and girls. Expand
The 1997 body image survey results
  • Psychology Today,
  • 1997
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The SATAQ-3 measures multiple aspects of a societal influence and should prove useful for basic risk factor work as well as for gauging the efficacy of prevention and treatment programs. Expand
An Exploration of the Drive for Muscularity in Adolescent Boys and Girls
The findings showed that theDrive for muscularity measure displayed good reliability; that individuals high in the drive were more likely to be boys who were trying to gain both weight and muscle mass; and that the drive was related to poor self-esteem and higher levels of depression among boys, but not among girls. Expand
Television Situation Comedies: Female Body Images and Verbal Reinforcements
A content analysis of 28 different prime-timetelevision situation comedies examined the body weightsof 52 central female characters (88% White, 10% Black,2% Asian), the verbal comments they receivedExpand
Women's body images: The results of a national survey in the U.S.A.
This investigation was a representative survey, conducted in 1993, of the body images of 803 adult women in the United States. Included in the survey instrument were selected subscales from theExpand
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Eating disorders and subthreshold eating conditions are prevalent in the general adolescent population and their impact is demonstrated by generally strong associations with other psychiatric disorders, role impairment, and suicidality. Expand