The Effectiveness of Multidimensional Counseling in the Intervention of Student Anxiety

  title={The Effectiveness of Multidimensional Counseling in the Intervention of Student Anxiety},
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This research was motivated by the phenomenon of students’ anxiety in the school, with the intervention purpose of innovating the quality of the counseling process, through a multidimensional model. Student anxiety affects their study performance in class, especially with the absence of proper attention; therefore, the multidimensional counseling tool is proposed to resolve this challenge. This study involved 7 students who have anxiety problems, and the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale was the… 
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[Multidimensional counseling and intervention in anxiety problems in school].
  • Stephan Jeck
  • Medicine
    Praxis der Kinderpsychologie und Kinderpsychiatrie
  • 2003
Teachers have to develop better diagnostic skills in order to detect anxious and inconspicuous students who need special fostering for better learning in school.
The effect of emotional freedom technique on stress and anxiety in nursing students: A pilot study.
Overall, findings suggested that EFT can be an effective tool for stress management and anxiety relief in nursing students.
Multidimentional model in counseling to improve students’ self confidence
  • Sri Milfayetty
  • Psychology
    International Journal of Research in Counseling and Education
  • 2018
There were some phenomen that the counselling for kinestetic student did not effective to improve their self confidence. The purpose of this study was to innovate the quality of counseling process
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