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The Effectiveness of Emotional Motivational Feedback Messages

  title={The Effectiveness of Emotional Motivational Feedback Messages},
  author={Fırat Sarsar},
THE EFFECTIVENESS OF EMOTIONAL MOTIVATIONAL FEEDBACK MESSAGES by Firat Sarsar An important technique for learning, feedback has been described as responses to students’ behaviors, tasks, assignments, and outcomes. In this study, the researcher used a new kind of feedback message called an Emotional Motivational Feedback Message (EMFEM). EMFEM is a feedback message which includes motivational strategies and emotional content for motivating and encouraging students to learn more and to focus on a… 
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Although emotions are not a new topic in learning environments, the emerging technologies have changed not only the type of learning environments but also the perspectives of emotions in learning
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Egitimde mobil ogrenme yeni bir kavram olmasa da mobil cihazlarin cesitliligi ve yeniligi ile devamli gelisen bir alan haline gelmektedir. Bu baglamda mobil cihazlari uzerinden kod yazilmasi ve


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