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The Effective Provision of Pre-School Education (EPPE) Project Technical Paper 12: The Final Report - Effective Pre-School Education

  title={The Effective Provision of Pre-School Education (EPPE) Project Technical Paper 12: The Final Report - Effective Pre-School Education},
  author={Kathy Sylva and Edward Melhuish and Pam Sammons and Iram Siraj‐Blatchford and Brenda Taggart},
How focused intervention supports quality provision for early years professionals in the Republic of Ireland
The findings indicate that targeted interventions can enhance the provision quality and practice with early years’ professionals.
Introduction: Institutional framework and teaching practice at the preschool and lower primary level
The traditionally developed training institutions at preschool and primary levels are currently involved in the processes of change. Following the results of international studies, such as Trends in
Initiating the learning processes at the preschool and lower primary level: Challenges and possibilities
The intended convergence of preschool and school education in accordance with educational policy is challenging. Firstly, one must become aware of the different institutional cultures, and secondly,
From an Intuitive Practitioner to a Professional Novice Leader
This study examined the professional and personal transition undergone by eight experienced early childhood (EC) teachers after completing their graduate studies. The data were collected through
Exploring the influence of developmental kindergarten attendance on later literacy and social-emotional outcomes: A records review investigation in one Michigan school district
Results indicated that children who received the DK intervention and their peers who did not receive the intervention experienced similar literacy and social-emotional growth trajectories across time.
Managing behaviour in private, voluntary and independent nursery settings: the experiences of practitioners
A review of the literature suggests there is a gap in the research on the experiences of staff working in private, voluntary and independent (PVI) early years settings in relation to their
Der Sozialraum und seine Bedeutung für die Qualität im Elementarbereich
  • Regine Schelle
  • Political Science
    Zeitschrift für Grundschulforschung
  • 2020
In der Diskussion um Qualität im Elementarbereich ist empirisch noch nicht eindeutig geklärt, welche Faktoren letztlich für eine hohe Qualität entscheidend sind und wie diese miteinander
Inquiry-based learning: a framework for assessing science in the early years
ABSTRACT This article draws on current literature leading to the development of a holistic framework to support practitioners in observation and assessment of childrens evolving inquiry skills.
Playgroups as sites for parental education
There is widespread international interest in parental education as a means of promoting educational equality through improving educational outcomes for young children. The research in this area
A Review of Reminiscing in Early Childhood Settings and Links to Sustained Shared Thinking
The importance of parent–child reminiscing for young children’s social and cognitive development has been well established, but despite the increasing numbers of children attending formal early