The Effect on White Incomes of Discrimination in Employment

  title={The Effect on White Incomes of Discrimination in Employment},
  author={Barbara R. Bergmann},
  journal={Journal of Political Economy},
  pages={294 - 313}
  • B. Bergmann
  • Published 1 March 1971
  • Economics, Sociology
  • Journal of Political Economy
Discrimination concentrates Negroes into certain occupations while virtually excluding them from others. In the occupations to which Negroes are relegated, marginal productivity may be lowered by the enforced abundance of supply. A model embodying this "crowding" hypothesis is used to estimate the effects on white incomes of a reduction in discrimination. Whites with only an elementary education might have a once-for-all loss on the order of 10 percent; on all other whites and on national… 
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Summary and ConclusionsThe immediately preceeding analysis has examined, in a dynamic context, racial interaction in an occupationally specified employment growth process. We exhibited a demand
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tomary to analyze the occupational and wage aspects of discrimination as if they were logically separate and their effects additive.1 In this paper the two aspects are treated in a unified way,
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The isolation and projection of incomes from capital represents a recurring problem in the study of income inequality. Almost without exception, past studies of racial income or earnings


Equal Pay for Men and Women
A number of individuals eminent in economic studies were invited to submit written statements on the subject defined by the Commission’s terms of reference, and in particular on the implications of
Negro Employment in Southern Industry
  • D. Dewey
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1952
FOR many years Negro life in America has been examined in countless thousands of books, monographs, articles, and essays (not to mention unpublished Master's theses and doctoral dissertations). Five
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D IFFERENTIATING a production function with respect to capital and labor yields equations for the marginal productivity of capital and the marginal productivity of labor. The variables that determine
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How to Use This Book Economic Issues and Concepts Methods Part I: Introduction to the market economy Dem and, Supply and Price Elasticity of Demand and Supply Price Theory in Action Part II:
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Examines the causes of poverty, paying special attention to the interaction between poverty and racial discrimination.
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Обсуждаются следующие темы: чистая теория производства, функциональное распределение дохода, технический прогресс, источники международных конкурентных преимуществ. Анализируются эластичность
" Negro Employment in Southern Industry . " J . P . E
    Incomes of Racial Minorities. Mimeographed. Washington: Brookings Inst
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