The Effect of Proactive Personality on College Students’ Career Decision-Making Difficulties: Moderating and Mediating Effects

  title={The Effect of Proactive Personality on College Students’ Career Decision-Making Difficulties: Moderating and Mediating Effects},
  author={Zhifang He and Yun Zhou and Fei Li and Zhiming Rao and Yan Yang},
  journal={Journal of Adult Development},
To investigate the influence of proactive personality on the process and difficulties of college students’ career decision-making, a questionnaire survey was conducted with 1540 college students. The results showed that (1) proactive personality significantly and negatively predicts college students’ career decision-making difficulties; (2) perceived social support moderates the relationship between proactive personality and college students’ career decision-making difficulties; (3) career… 
Effect of Proactive Personality on Career Decidedness: The Mediating Role of Career Exploration and the Moderating Role of Anticipated Regret
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Career indecision: an integrative review and research agenda
  • Xinyi Bian
  • Business
    European Journal of Training and Development
  • 2021
Purpose The current review sought to bring light to the issue of an underexplored career phenomenon – career indecision. Career indecision is a significant developmental stage in one’s career life


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