The Effect of Paternal Deprivation on the Capacity to Modulate Aggression

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loss presumes that the mourner has had meaningful physical and psychological contact with the person who has been lost. But there are many situations where the absence or loss of an individual in the family with whom a child may have had only minimal contact or has never even seen is acknowledged and referred to by the adults. Many children of single mothers who were conceived by artificial insemination can never know their father; children conceived but not yet born before their fathers left… Expand
Bridges over troubled waters: a relational approach to fatherless boys and a male therapist
Many children in need of psychotherapy are latency-age boys who have little or no contact with their fathers. Their problems typically include low self-esteem, identity problems, depression,Expand


Fathers and Their Families
I: Development Revised. Fatherhood and Father-Child Relationships: Five Years of Research - M. E. Lamb and D. Oppenhein The Paternal Imago - M. R. Lansky Fatherhood from the Perspective of ObjectExpand
Notes on some schizoid mechanisms.
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It is suggested that in the first few months of life anxiety is predominantly experienced as fear of persecution and that this contributes to certain mechanisms and defenses which characterize the paranoid and schizoid positions. Expand
The Annual of Psychoanalysis
There are some 20 essays in this collection authored by professionals on the current diffusion of Freudian metapsychology into other fields of study—history, philosophy, physics and mathematics, theExpand
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(1963). Thoughts about Development and Individuation. The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child: Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 307-324.
Sexual identity in the ghetto
The more things change, the worse they get.
The impact of early sexual discovery on mood, defensive organization, and symbolization.
Contributions of a ghetto culture to symptom formation: psychoanalytic studies of ego anomalies in childhood.
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