The Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizers on the Relationship Between Increases in Yields and Protein Content of Pastry-Type Wheats1

  title={The Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizers on the Relationship Between Increases in Yields and Protein Content of Pastry-Type Wheats1},
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Understanding the Interactions between Biomass, Grain Production and Grain Protein Content in High and Low Protein Wheat Genotypes under Controlled Environments
High grain N% genotypes seem able to manage grain N reserves by compromising biomass production at low N, and Spitfire and Mace appeared to demand more N to grow their biomass.
The Plant's Need for and Use of Nitrogen
The object of this chapter is to consider those phases of N uptake, storage, and use in the plant that are of primary importance to the agronomist and soil scientist managing soils and recommending N
Response of irrigated soft white spring wheat to seeding date, seeding rate and fertilization
Field studies were conducted to determine the response of irrigated SWSW to seeding date, seeding rate and fertilization (N, P and K) in southern Alberta.
Developing an Empirical Yield-Prediction Model Based on Wheat and Wild Oat (Avena fatua) Density, Nitrogen and Herbicide Rate, and Growing-Season Precipitation
Development of this mathematical model represents the initial step in building a decision support system for site-specific and variable-rate management of herbicide, fertilizer, and crop seeding rate that considers varying levels of available water and weed infestation.
Mineral content of soft winter wheat as influenced by nitrogen fertilization and management
Abstract Soft winter wheat is used to make cookies, cakes, crackers, donuts, etc., and as such, grain nitrogen content (as protein) is an important determinant of flour quality and eventually the
Efeitos da uréia aplicada no solo e na folha, na produção e qualidade do trigo em grão (Triticum aestivum L.)
O presente trabalho teve como objetivo estudar a influencia da adubacao nitrogenada na cultura do trigo (Triticum aestivum L.) em condicoes de campo. O ensaio foi realizado no ano de 1971 na Estacao
Effect of production methods on quality of wheat seed
approved: Redacted for Privacy Don F. Grabe The objective of this research was to identify the optimum cultural practices for the production of the highest quality wheat seed in Oregon. The
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