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The Effect of Locus of Control and Culture on Leader Preferences

  title={The Effect of Locus of Control and Culture on Leader Preferences},
  author={Mehmet Ali and J. R. K. Kantor and Elif G{\"u}lay},
Article History: Received 08.06.2012 Received in revised form 10.07.2012 Accepted 20.07.2012 Available online 10.08.2012 Leadership has a vital place in the field of management. Recent studies mostly focus on leadership from the point of view of leaders, and followers are generally ignored. However, leadership does not exist without followers. In this study, leadership preferences are examined through the perspectives of followers. Leadership preferences are considered to be linked with locus… Expand
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Generalized expectancies for internal versus external control of reinforcement.
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  • Psychology, Medicine
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