The Effect of Lego Mindstorms as an Innovative Educational Tool to Develop Students’ Creativity Skills for a Creative Society

  title={The Effect of Lego Mindstorms as an Innovative Educational Tool to Develop Students’ Creativity Skills for a Creative Society},
  author={Mardhiah Masril and Billy Hendrik and Harry Theozard Fikri and Al Hamidy Hazidar and Bagus Priambodo and Emil Naf'an and Inge Handriani and Zico Pratama Putra and Asama Kudr Nseaf},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Conference Series},
Creativity is a very important skill that should be possessed by the human resources of a country, especially in this period of the 21st century. Human creativity must be stimulated from various things, including via the field of education to improve the quality of human resources. The goal of this study was to investigate the impact of Lego Mindstorms as learning tools to improve the creativity skills of students, using an experimental methodology. We used a random sampling technique to select… 

The Effect of STEM-Based Robotic Applications on the Creativity And Attitude of Students

In the present study, the effects of STEM based robotics applications on students' creativity and scientific attitudes in the Electricity Unit of 7th grade have been investigated by using the nested

Robotic Education in 21st Century: Teacher Acceptance of Lego Mindstorms as Powerful Educational Tools

The result showed that subjective norms (SN) and self-efficacy (SE) as external variables were effective on the acceptance of Lego Mindstorms Ev3 as a learning tools by teachers.


An overview of the workshops on programming is offered and the results of a post-workshop questionnaire regarding the participants’ levels of understanding and satisfaction are reported.

Validity of figural creativity model development based on robotic learning concept

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    International Journal of ADVANCED AND APPLIED SCIENCES
  • 2020
This paper presents a meta-analyses of the response of the immune system to repeated exposure to high-energy radiation and shows clear patterns of decline in the number of immune checkpoints and in the intensity of response to radiation.



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The study has shown that pupils have different learning styles in their approach to LEGO training, and the role of the teacher, as a mediator of knowledge and skills, was crucial for coping with problems related to this kind of technology.

Effects of a Play Program on Creative Thinking of Preschool Children

ANOVA results showed that the program significantly increased the verbal creativity, graphic creativity, fluency, flexibility, originality, and behaviors and traits of creative personality in preschool children.

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It is suggested that strong guidance in solving problems can have a positive impact on students’ metacognitive and problem-solving skills and students reach eventually the same level of MC and PS skills development independently of their age and gender.

LEGO-based Robotics in Higher Education: 15 Years of Student Creativity

Our goal in this article is to reflect on the role LEGO robotics has played in college engineering education over the last 15 years, starting with the introduction of the RCX in 1998 and ending with

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This paper first creates a framework in which to discuss creativity and innovation, and goes on to explore how the authors' creativity is “blocked” in a variety of ways, including deep‐seated beliefs about the world.

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Existe pouco consenso na literatura cientifica acerca da relacao entre inteligencia e criatividade. Esse estudo teve como objetivo investigar as associacoes entre os dois construtos considerando a

Education on Programming with Robots: Examining Students’ Experiences and Views

Bu calismada r obotlarla programla egitimi alan ogrencilerin basarilarinin ve goruslerinin belirlenmesi amaclanmistir.  Karma arastirma yonteminin kullanildigi calismada yaratici problem cozme testi,