The Effect of Business Performance on Market Versatility in Health Institutions


The difference between a business with competition and a business without competition is the difference between growth and decay. A successful competition business simply means providing total satisfaction to customer. The present business managers should keep in mind that the customer satisfaction is more important and valuable than product and service. To provide a sustainable competitive advantage of market versatility is the most important issue in marketing activities. The businesses and enterprises with competitive advantage are able to achieve consistently superior performance than those not involved in competition in a specified period of time. While these activities are helping the businesses to agree the every sence of situations of the market, they are also preventing from being copied from other businesses. By providing the concentration of business activities related to the customer's requirements, the businesses can contribute to deliver value. The purpose of our study is to investigate, if the hospitals have the market versatility structure, whether there is a positive effect of customer satisfaction based on hospital occupancy rates, which is an indicator of performance, by identifying the effect of versatility on the varying business performance in health institutions in general and hospitals in particular.

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