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The Effect Structured Participation Experiences Have on Pre-Service Teachers' Preparedness to Teach Reading.

  title={The Effect Structured Participation Experiences Have on Pre-Service Teachers' Preparedness to Teach Reading.},
  author={Diane Brannon and Judy Fiene},
  journal={Education 3-13},
Acquiring content knowledge is the first step in becoming an effective teacher (Amobi, 2006). However, effective teaching skills are also essential. These skills can only be acquired through practice in K-12 classrooms through field experiences (Harmon, Hedick, Marinex, Fine, Eldridge, Flint, Littleton, Bryant-Shanklin, Loven, Assaf, & Sailors, 2001). Field experiences must be designed to provide pre-service teachers with an opportunity to transfer their content knowledge to the classroom… 

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