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The Effect Of Colors Of E-commerce Websites On Mood, Memorization And Buying Intention

  title={The Effect Of Colors Of E-commerce Websites On Mood, Memorization And Buying Intention},
  author={Jean-{\'E}ric Pelet and Panagiota Papadopoulou},
This paper aims at studying the impact of the colors of e-commerce websites on consumer memorization and buying intention. Based on a literature review we wish to introduce the theoretical and methodological bases addressing this issue. A conceptual model is proposed, showing the effects of the color of the e-commerce website and of its components Hue, Brightness and Saturation, on the behavioral responses of the consumer memorization and buying intention. These responses are conveyed by mood… 
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Factors influencing the usage of websites: the case of a generic portal in The Netherlands
  • H. Heijden
  • Psychology, Computer Science
    Inf. Manag.
  • 2003
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