The Education of a Computer

  title={The Education of a Computer},
  author={Grace M. Hopper},
  journal={Annals of the History of Computing},
  • G. Hopper
  • Published 1987
  • Computer Science
  • Annals of the History of Computing
Originally presented in 1952 at one of the first ACM conferences, this paper was quite visionary for its time. It foresees widespread commercial computer use and symbolic manipulation, for example. 
Static Analysis: An Introduction
Modern static-analysis tools provide powerful and specific insights into codebases. The Linux kernel team, for example, developed Coccinelle, a powerful tool for searching, analyzing, and rewriting CExpand
t|ket⟩: a retargetable compiler for NISQ devices
The heart of t, a quantum software development platform produced by Cambridge Quantum Computing Ltd, is a language-agnostic optimising compiler designed to generate code for a variety of NISQ devices, which has several features designed to minimise the influence of device error. Expand
A High Level Domain-Specific Language For Compiler Escalation
The coding of compiler advancements alongside the program investigation required to do as such is a strenuous undertaking including a huge number of lines of code. This paper presents Co-Ex, anExpand
Devito (v3.1.0): an embedded domain-specific language for finite differences and geophysical exploration.
We introduce Devito, a new domain-specific language for implementing high-performance finite difference partial differential equation solvers. The motivating application is exploration seismologyExpand
Devito: an embedded domain-specific language for finite differences and geophysical exploration
Devito, a new domain-specific language for implementing high-performance finite-difference partial differential equation solvers within Python and making heavy use of SymPy, a symbolic mathematics library, is introduced, making it possible to develop finite-Difference simulators quickly using a syntax that strongly resembles the mathematics. Expand
COpt: A High Level Domain-Specific Language to Generate Compiler Optimizers
  • Sruthi Venkat, P. Kanwal
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 International Conference on Advanced Computation and Telecommunication (ICACAT)
  • 2018
COpt, a high level domain specific language (DSL) for the use of compiler developers as a tool to be used in the compiler development pipeline for the generation of compiler optimizers will provide compiler developers an easy method of specifying compiler optimizations. Expand
What Can Be Computed?: A Practical Guide to the Theory of Computation
A large number of classic unsolved problems of covering, matching, packing, routing, assignment and sequencing are equivalent, in the sense that either each of them possesses a polynomial-bound algorithm or none of them does. Expand
A Moving Target””The Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction
My most comprehensive overview of HCI history, examining how and why different research communities arose and evolved.
From Tool to Partner: The Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction
  • J. Grudin
  • Computer Science
  • Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics
  • 2017