The Economy of the Temples of God in the Turmoil of Changing Russia

  title={The Economy of the Temples of God in the Turmoil of Changing Russia},
  author={Detelina Tocheva},
  journal={European Journal of Sociology},
  pages={1 - 24}
  • Detelina Tocheva
  • Published 1 April 2014
  • Political Science
  • European Journal of Sociology
Abstract The liberalisation of religious practice after the fall of the Soviet regime and the support by the Russian state to the Russian Orthodox Church have contributed to the enormous growth of the church economy. Controversies within and without the Church interrogate commercial and gifting practices. The relationship between the expansion of church commerce and the operation of moral boundaries, underlined by critical stances, has been determined by culture and history, with the post… 
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