The Economics of Video On Demand: A Simulation Analysis

  title={The Economics of Video On Demand: A Simulation Analysis},
  author={Ronald J. Rizzuto and Michael O. Wirth},
  journal={Journal of Media Economics},
  pages={209 - 225}
Simulation analysis and sensitivity analysis are used to identify the factors most likely to determine whether video on demand (VOD; i.e., movies on demand) is economically viable. The impact of subscription video on demand (SVOD) and of time-shifted, on-demand services on VOD economics is also explored. VOD movie buy rates, Hollywood and cable operator revenue splits, and VOD peak utilization rates are identified as key economic viability factors. SVOD and/or time-shifted services could also… 
Business Models and Programming Choice: Digital Video Recorders Shaping the TV Industry
DVRs are examined in detail covering their main product features, impacts on viewer behavior, and the current roll-out status, to investigate how these DVR features impact earlier insights from programming choice modeling and how they lead to changed business models for TV stations.
A Revenue Maximization Model for Call Admission Control Problem of Media on Demand Service Providers
This paper formulates the call admission control problem for media on demand (audio and video) requests in the form of a mathematical optimization model and investigates effect of offer-based admission control for media services on providers' revenue and customer satisfaction measured by call rejection probability.
Digital video recorder-driven impacts on the video content Services industry
The impacts of so-called 'Digital Video Recorders' (DVRs) on the video content services industry is focused on and the technological factors 'increased broadband connectivity to the home' and ' increased storage capacities' are considered as change drivers.
Adoption of New Movie Distribution Services on the Internet
Although the Internet features excess demand for media, especially movie downloads, the motion picture industry lacks sustainable business models for this market. An enriched form of the theory of
of Thesis Presented to the Graduate School of the University of Florida in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Mass Communication AN EXPLORATORY
Broadcasters’ content distribution and programming decisions in multi-channel environments: a literature review
ABSTRACT Despite the increasing digitisation, traditional media remains relevant. However, the importance of non-linear media is steadily growing. Thus, media companies face the challenge to target
Price, Programming and Potential Competition in US Cable Television Markets
Potential competition in the US cable television industry is empirically examined for 385 markets. Predicted entry probabilities are included in a supply-demand model to permit empirical
Video Content Services as a Transforming Industry
This paper shows how the video content services industry is quickly in transformation as a result of the introduction of new media technologies. It examines two major technological factors -increased
Konsumenters attityder och önskemål gällande on-demand tjänster
The market for digital services is a growing, relatively new field within the entertainment industry. This thesis introduces on-demand services and their situation on the market. Ondemand stands for
Multi-platform funding strategies for bottom-tier films in small domestic media markets: Boy (2010) as a New Zealand case study
Bottom-tier films, those productions that are made with the domestic audience foremost in mind, can face significant economic challenges when confronted with a small domestic media market. Drawing on


VCTV: A video-on-demand market test
The market potential for interactive video services and the broadband networks necessary to support these services are of great interest to both the telecommunications and cable television (CATV)
Interactive digital video networks: lessons from a commercial deployment
The lessons learned from the commercial deployment of a switched fiber-coax video dial tone network in Dover Township, New Jersey, USA are examined.
Educational Reform in Post-Accord Palestine: A synthesis of Palestinian perspectives
Education is central to the preservation and success of any society, including that of the Palestinians. With the signing of the Peace Accords in 1993, Palestinians now have their first opportunity
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