The Economics of Special Privilege and Rent Seeking

  title={The Economics of Special Privilege and Rent Seeking},
  author={Gordon Tullock},
I Why Is the Rent-Seeking Industry So Small?.- 1 Introduction.- 2 Rents, Ignorance, and Ideology.- 3 The Cost of Rent Seeking: A Metaphysical Problem.- 4 Efficient Rent Seeking, Diseconomies of Scale, Public Goods, and Morality.- II Random Thoughts on Rent Seeking.- 5 Rent Seeking: The Problem of Definition.- 6 Rent Seeking and the Market.- 7 Strategic Behavior, Mixed Strategies, and the Defects of the Nash Equilibrium.- 8 Rent Seeking and Transfers.- 9 Rent Seeking and Tax Reform.- 10… 
The pros and cons of rent-seeking: Political rent in various research paradigms
This article shows that how we look at political rent and rent-seeking depends on our position on state interference in the economy and which theory of regulation we are familiar with. Although the
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Rent-seeking models have been used to predict and explain a wide variety of political decisions. This paper extends Tullock’s classic rent-seeking model to the case of a risky rent, where the winner
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This paper analyzes a rent seeking competition where risk neutral agents have a different income. The individual income is private information but the income distribution is common information. Like
The Opportunity Costs of Rent Seeking
The costs of rent seeking exceed traditional measures when opportunity cost is considered. When the quantity of resources consumed by rent seeking is large, rent seeking draws consumer surplus out of
Investments in rent-seeking
Since the publication of a number of articles concerning efficient rent-seeking both political scientists and economists have been interested in discovering how firms make rent-seeking investments
Rent Seeking in a Market with Morality: Solving a Puzzle About Corporate Social Responsibility
Rent seeking by lobbying for government favors is generally thought to be wasteful. In view of this wastefulness, it is puzzling that rent seeking by corporations has not been criticized as a failure
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A major contribution of the public-choice school is the recognition by Gordon Tullock that contestable rents give rise to social losses because of unproductive resource use. Contestable rents usually
The Empirical Measurement of Rent-Seeking Costs
This survey focuses on the efforts, carried out mainly by public choice scholars, to measure the social cost of rent seeking. The concept, introduced by Gordon Tullock in 1967 and coined by Anne