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The Economics of Racism

  title={The Economics of Racism},
  author={Michael R. Reich},
Michael Reich is Professor of Political Economy at U. C. Berkeley. This article was written in 1974, hence used only data available at that time. His research was repeated on later census data in his book Racial Inequality: A Political-Economic Analysis, (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press), 1981, and by other researchers, with similar results. His main thesis is that most workers are harmed by racism, regardless of their race. Reich believes this analysis to be based on ideas from… 

NEA Presidential Address: Black Economists of the World You Cite!!

Economists who publish research in the economics and political economy of race seem averse to citing similar research by black economists. As citations are an important determinant of success as a

Class Discrimination? Evidence from Jamaica: A Racially Homogeneous Labor Market

A common concern in audit studies of racial discrimination is that names assigned to a particular race may also proxy for socioeconomic status. We conduct a correspondence study in Jamaica, a

The Achilles Heel of Centrality: Group Identification Makes the Central Susceptible to Influence

Marketing literature has so far largely occulted the impact of racism on consumer behaviour. This article first reviews the concept of racism and contrasts it with ethnocentrism and animosity. The

Geo-capitalism and global racialization in the frame of Anthropocene

ABSTRACT The appropriation of nature under current capitalist conditions implies the intensification of processes of exploitation of labour, dispossession of peasants’ lands, indiscriminate

Social Movements Against Racist Police Brutality and Department of Justice Intervention in Prince George’s County, Maryland

The intensive oversight by the DOJ, combined with engaged resident activism, reduced the incidences of police brutality during the period 2004–2013, and the incomplete process of change subsequent to the ending of DOJ oversight suggests a continued challenge to social movements opposing police brutality.

An Analysis of Income Inequality and Education Inequality in Bahrain

This research investigates the income inequality and education inequality that still capture the interest of economists, socialists and politicians for its clear impact on all fields in the national

Racism In Germany And The Global Consequences For Premium Brands

The main purpose of the research is to present the regional effects of racism in a Central German city on the national level of Germany and to evaluate the global economic effects for Germany as such and the premium manufacturer of high-priced watches in particular.

Difficultés dans la théorisation marxiste de la race

Après l’escalade de violences racistes à l’échelle nationale ces dix dernières années – on peut notamment citer les meurtres d’Atlanta1, le tollé soulevé par l’affaire Bernhard Goetz2 entre 1984 et