The Economics of Irrigated Potato Crop Rotation in Manitoba

  title={The Economics of Irrigated Potato Crop Rotation in Manitoba},
  author={Mohammad Khakbazan and R. C. M. Casanova Mohr and Karl M. Volkmar and Dale J. Tomasiewicz and Alan P. Moulin and Doug A. Derksen and Byron R. Irvine and Debra L. McLaren and Marcia A. Monreal},
  journal={American Journal of Potato Research},
A crop rotation study was initiated in 1998 to develop recommendations for irrigated potato management in Manitoba. The objective of this paper was to assess the relative economic return for six crop rotations during the initial 8 years after rotations were imposed. The Potato-Canola (P-C) rotation generated higher net income especially from 2000–04, but… CONTINUE READING